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The Backlog Of Scripted Chatter

3 July 1983
I'll be getting my B.A. in Writing this summer (2008). I'll be moving into the book editing and publishing industry after graduation. I also have some other career interests I'll probably explore as well. I currently tutor in the Fine Arts department for the community college I attended, as a ceramics assistant. I keep a full-time job in Accounts Receivables at a financial firm, and also go to school full-time as well. I play for the Minnesota Women's Soccer League, at amateur level. I've always been described as someone extremely busy. I'm pretty sure if I don't have at least 3 things to balance on my plate, I'll go loco of boredom. Of course I always make time for the important things: sleeping, food, friends, family, and myself. Hey, everyone needs a little me time, right? That's where this journal comes in . . .